How Alicia Keys Hopes to Change the Use of Offensive Language in Music

Alicia Keys knows the power of words.

As a Grammy winning artist, the “Girl on Fire” singer has moved pop culture fans with her unforgettable lyrics and messages. And because she is a mother of two, the musician also knows how much children look up to their elders. 

So perhaps it’s only fitting that Alicia decided to participate in Nickelodeon’s special edition of Nick News that helps amplify young Black voices while also providing anti-racism resources for families.

When sitting down with a group of kids, Alicia asked if they ever had an experience where friends “used offensive language.” When one young girl admitted to hearing friends say controversial words in songs, Alicia shared her perspective.

“One of the things I’ve been thinking about in my family and my friends as well is how important it is to hold each other accountable. What I mean by that is speaking up and saying, ‘Hey, that’s not cool. That really makes me feel uncomfortable. I would like to explain to you why that makes me feel uncomfortable to me and as my friend, I’d love for you to consider not using that word,'” Alicia shared on Monday night’s Kids, Race and Unity: A Nick News Special.

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