Home study returns with new guidance block for self-employment

The Ministry of Education relaunches on Monday at RTP the Study at Home for the academic year 2020/2021 and with a new block of education to guide the autonomous work, announced the Government today.

“The introduction of the new ‘Guidance for Autonomous Work’ comes from the awareness of the need to develop in students forms of self-regulation and deepening of learning,” explains the Ministry of Education, in a statement.

This new block is “in line with the progressive evolution of the ‘Personal development and autonomy’ competence area, which is recommended in the profile of students leaving compulsory education”.

“Because it is no longer a resource conceived in an urgent situation, the Directorate-General for Education conceived the new resources in an even more structured way and which will constitute, moreover, one of the richest, complete and transversal pedagogical products produced in the the last few years ”, he explains.

The Ministry of Education defends “the important autonomy of the 1st and 2nd years, which arises from the need to adapt to the specificities of this beginning of the cycle, marked by the acquisition of writing and reading”.

“Factor that inevitably conditions the methodology to be adopted, being evident in the 1st year the preponderance of the orality domain, for example, in comprehension activities, as a way of preparing for future writing comprehension activities”, he considers.

For this new academic year, at RTP Memória, similarly to what happened since April, because of the confinement due to the covid-19 pandemic, the Government created “a coordination team and a specific team for its development, composed of about four dozen teachers and four Portuguese Sign Language interpreters ”.

“This new phase will have a particular impact on Basic Education, starting on October 19, in order to follow the school calendar defined by the Ministry of Education (during the five weeks dedicated specifically to the recovery of learning, also RTP Memória replied thematic teaching blocks from the previous year) ”, he explains.

The daily contents “have a limited time, in blocks of about 30 minutes, for a total of 75 blocks a week, fulfilling most of the curricular components, organized disciplinarily and interdisciplinarily”.

“These broadcasts will occupy the grid of RTP Memória, from 9:00 am to 4:30 pm, with content that is part of Essential Learning. As in the past year, the morning blocks are dedicated to the 1st and 2nd cycles and the afternoon blocks to the 3rd cycle, making the transition between the two shifts the norm, as a rule, ”he explains.

The Ministry of Education also announces new content for secondary school, since this school year the program is extended to young people at this level of education “as a result of the desire to welcome all students in this project, the #EstudoEmCasa 2020/2021”.

“For this modality, some changes were made to the Basic Education model. Although this level of education has the same educational team and the same number of weekly blocks, these will be organized into thematic blocks that can be addressed sequentially or in isolation ”, the press release says.

As of November, the content will be accessible on RTP Play and the APP in order to be used as “reinforcement of learning, especially in a context outside the classroom”, the Ministry of Education understands.


The Home study content returns with a new guideline for self-employment appears first in Visão.

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