Guarded area at Praia de Mira grows to 1,200 meters to ensure “physical distance”


The extent of sandy guarded by maritime authorities in Mira Beach will grow from 800 to 1,200 meters, so that bathers are able to maintain the recommended physical distance, was announced today.

The extension of the surveillance of the beach, the only one in the world to receive the Blue Flag since the creation of the award, in 1987, will take place to the south, following the new 800 meter walkway, which is nearing completion.

“We still need to finish a few meters at the end and put lighting on,” revealed today the Mayor of Mira, Raul Almeida, who guarantees that the walkway will already be open and in safe conditions at the official start of the bathing season on the beaches of the municipality, which is provisionally fixed for June 20.

The new stretch of guarded beach will have a lifeguard post and the support of a bar that already exists next to the jetty, with new access points beyond the marginal avenue and the Lago do Mar parking lot.

The walkway represents an investment of 145 thousand euros, 85% financed by community funds, through the POSEUR (Operational Program for Sustainability, Efficiency and Use of Resources) of Portugal 2020.

The enlargement of the beach surveillance area was announced during the presentation ceremony of the lifeguards teams of the Adamastor Association, which from Saturday will start to watch the sand between the beaches of Mira and Poço da Cruz, within the scope of a protocol signed in 2019 with the municipality.

Designated as SPA (Drowning Prevention Service), the project that anticipates official surveillance on the beaches of Mira, carried out by the Instituto de Socorro a Náufragos, results from a protocol signed between the municipality and Adamastor – Association of Lifeguards in Mira.

Within the scope of the protocol, a SPA team “can be activated when there are conditions appropriate to bathing, in situations where elements for aquatic prevention are needed, situations that are classified as having risk of drowning, or any other valid framework , in order to provide assistance and to minimize the probability of occurrences in aquatic environment or even drowning ”.

The President of the Praia de Mira Parish Council, João Reigota, one of the main drivers of the project, took the opportunity to thank the local Red Cross for providing the facilities to accommodate the elements of Northwind.

“The project is an asset, especially in the field of prevention”, recognizes the captain of the captaincy of the Port of Aveiro, Silva Rocha, who has jurisdiction over the coast between Ovar and Mira, over a length of 70 kilometers.

The commander confirmed that, as of June 1, two teams from the Portuguese Navy will travel the beaches on a “mission to raise awareness and advice” of the regulars for the new reality imposed by the fight against the covid-19.

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