Government admits lay-off until the end of the year

The lay-off regime will change but will continue until December, according to Expresso. The Government will launch the Economic and Social Stabilization Plan (PEES), inserted in the supplementary Budget that will reach the Parliament in the second half of June, and the extension of the lay-off, although in a different way, is one of the measures that will be approved .

Last Wednesday, the President of the Republic had already mentioned the importance of prolonging the simplified lay-off regime, which has been in force since March and ends at the end of June, with the aim of avoiding even more unemployment, since this measure “It has been a cushion pad”. The bosses had also demanded that this extraordinary regime be extended for some time, in order to prevent an increase in unemployment.

This economic aid plan, which is now being prepared, aims to reduce bureaucracy so that companies and municipalities can invest with less stringent rules, support the maintenance of employment, strengthen the NHS and education and create a support plan to micro-enterprises, said the prime minister, who heard last Thursday, 12 businessmen from different sectors. Ministries now have until Sunday to send their proposals.

Regarding the lay-off, the new regime is still being studied, but, according to the Express, will be different from the simplified regime currently in force. In an interview with the newspaper, the assistant secretary of state to the prime minister, Tiago Antunes, explained that “there will continue to be a measure with regard to maintaining employment, it will probably have a different configuration from the current one.” Still following the new lay-off, the regulation of a measure already enacted in law will be created, supporting € 635 per worker who leaves the lay-off.

Next Monday, António Costa will listen to the parties and the social partners to discuss the plan and has already said he wants a broad consensus among all.

The Government content admits lay-offs until the end of the year appears first in Visão.

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