Fortnite Season 3: The Story so Far

Fortnite season 3 started by giving us some dangerous new theories about the storyline. For instance, the Device event saw a gradual shift of power, from Midas to Jules. Plans did not exactly go as they were supposed to, and the map got flooded. Nevertheless, the visions we saw during the event gave us some of the most significant clues about the future. 

The shift of power was quite visible, especially with how the Agency turned into The Authority. Chapter 2 storyline still has some unanswered questions. Is Midas alive? Is Jules related to Midas? Will she finish what he started? Will the map get back to normal? 

All these questions have several theories out there. Here are some of the most plausible theories that might ease our anxiety. However, one never knows for sure with Epic Games as they tend to have a surprise up their sleeve. 

Fortnite Chapter 2 storyline and theories

 Who is Agent John Jones? The Device event showed us how the entire battle royale simulation is a loop. The endless loop can only be controlled from the outside. The visions can only help us see partials of this, and over time several have tried to escape this loop. However, it doesn’t seem like anyone has succeeded so far. 

Midas’ plan failed to break this loop, that doesn’t mean that Jules would fail too. For a brief moment, we saw that the storm was holding back, which means it is still possible. The butterfly dimension zero singularity is something Jules is aware of too. The shark eating Midas is also a part of the loop, and that means he is still alive.

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Unanswered questions and Jules being the key for Chapter 2

We saw how the order was restored in the map by allowing the storm to come back, which means the loop is working again. Now, with several unanswered questions, we look to the ones in charge.

Jules knows what went wrong, and she is the engineer. Perhaps the next time she won’t make the same mistakes, Midas made The simulation theory is definitely correct, and since it’s back, it might need a little time before Midas and Jules remember it again. 

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