Former Call of Duty League Caster Announces Huge Plans

Just a few days back, Ben ‘Benson’ Bowe announced that he’d no longer be a part of the Call of Duty League. Everyone wondered what his next move was and the caster has just revealed the same on his Twitter handle.

Benson worked as a castor in the competition and has been a long time commentator in the field of Esports. He left the league after an allegation surrounding him and has largely refrained from speaking about the said incident. However, he did let the community know that he’ll be coming with more info soon, and he has.

Benson has new plans after departing Call of Duty League

Benson stated that he has a few things in the works and went on to share some of his future plans. His initiatives are sure to be applauded considering the fact that they’ll benefit many. The former CDL caster is aware of how hard things are in the Esports community and is willing to put in efforts to make things better for young talent.

I would like to think I have helped aided so many different types of talent from so many different esports improve their crafts and I have so many experience in the industry I feel if I applied myself to help others, both up and coming talents and veterans alike, I could have a positive impact.

“I am going to start a Talent Development company with the aim of helping different type of broadcasters within esports.”

Benson will work this in different ways, as he mentioned. Be it through working with developers to procure the best out of a talent or achieving what is best for a show, or even to work with budding individuals and help them reach their potential.

He also thanked everyone who has been a constant support and states how eager he is to work things out. Benson also put forth that the idea was something he has been thinking of for 2 years. Finally implementing the same would mean a lot to him.

Twitter reacts

Many prominent personalities came forth to congratulate Benson on his decision. You can read some of the tweets below.

Truly an individual like Benson starting a company with such intentions will be beneficial to a wide group of people. Benson knows the struggles and hardships and him being the helping hand could be all that a budding talent needs.

Source: Benson Twitter

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