Fogo de Mondim de Basto keeps active front – Civil Protection

The fire in Senhora da Graça, in the municipality of Mondim de Basto, maintains this afternoon “an active front, with great intensity”, to be fought with aerial means, a source from the Civil Protection of Vila Real told Lusa.

“We continue to have an active front, with a lot of intensity, and the air assets in attack. That has a lot of bad access. These are areas with too much inclination to be able to put dragging machines, ”Manuel Borges Machado, the second district commander for distress operations in Vila Real, told Lusa.

The commander stressed that “there are no dwellings at risk” and that the objective, for now, is to decrease the intensity and progression of the flames, by discharging water through the air.

“At night, when the humidity and the wind come down, we will try to do other actions of fire maneuvers, in order to put an end to the fire”, he said.

At 16:50, this fire, which broke out on Friday afternoon in the town of Vila de Ferreiros, in the parish of Senhora da Graça, mobilized 226 operatives, supported by 62 vehicles and 10 aerial means.


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