FEST, a festival with eyes on the future of cinema

Fest – Novos Realizadores, Novo Cinema has demonstrated an extraordinary dynamic, bringing together a vast Portuguese and foreign audience and having as a special point of interest the training seminars and the spaces where young directors meet and present their projects.

Like everything else, the contingencies of 2020 require a reconfiguration of the program, losing some of its most interesting parts (either disappeared or will happen in streaming), but betting on others, especially in bringing young directors' cinema to a wider audience. extended.

Thus, in addition to moving to August, between the 2nd and the 9th, this year's edition spans Lisbon and Porto. And in Espinho, where the festival continues to be, there will be sessions in a drive-in.

There is a competitive program of short and feature films, in which the discovery of promising directors is proposed, in films such as Papicha, by Mounia Meddour, who passed through Cannes; Pacified, by Paxton Winters, on Brazilian favelas; or Wildlandby Jeanette Nordahl, with an alternative look at Denmark.

Pacified, by Paxton Winters

Frenchman Quentin Dupieux will be featured in the Be Kind Rewind session with the films Reality and 100% Suede, two recent works by a director who became known for his unusual cult long Tire. There is also a set of interviews to discuss post-Covid cinema and the important Pitching Forum, with 28 projects in competition, in search of development and co-production awards, which allow the realization of the projects.

Fest – New Directors, New Cinema > Espinho Parish Council Auditorium and Espinho Nave Sports Car Parking (drive in)> Trindade Cinema and Common House of the Rectory of the University of Porto> Cinema Ideal, Lisbon> 2-9 ago> Espinho: € 3, € 2 (students over 65), Porto: € 6, € 4.50 (tripass), Lisbon: € 4.50, € 3.50 (students and over 65)> site.fest.pt

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