Exame Informática | Netflix starts canceling 'sleeping' accounts

Less than 1% of Netflix accounts are what are considered to be 'zombie accounts', which means that users have activated a plan, but have not seen any content on the platform in the last twelve months. While some companies ‘rub their hands’ with these types of accounts, Netflix wants to alert users, reminding them of the subscription and asking if they’re still interested. If the user does not respond, the subscription is canceled and the company stops charging the amount on the credit card, Tech Crunch. If the account has been canceled, but the user regrets and wants to return, the history, favorites and profiles can be recovered, as long as the return has passed within ten months since the cancellation.

This measure has now entered into force, with warnings
gradually begin to be sent to the users in question and reinforces
the confidence that the company has in the loyalty of its customers. In fact,
less than 1% of accounts are in this situation, which corresponds to a few hundred
thousands of users. Data revealed on March 31 show that Netflix
has 185 million active accounts.

Eddy Wu, Netflix's Director of Innovation, stresses that “we hope
that this new approach helps people save their money earned from

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