Exame Informática | Fallout Shelter can be played on board the Tesla

Fallout Shelter was already available in several
platforms, including a free version for smartphones, and now comes to
Tesla cars. The software update 2020.20 brings this game, for now only
for some vehicles, and includes other improvements. In this version, drivers will
be able to wear Tesla armor and weapons that use electricity. Tesla details, in the
update notes, which in “Fallout Shelter we control an underground vault
top of the range Vault-Tec. Build your perfect Vault, protect the Dwellers
and protect them from the dangers of the Wasteland ”, quotes the Electrek.

The game, like other applications, can only be accessed from
onboard the Tesla when the car is parked. Although the Arcade solution
support Xbox controllers with USB cable, for Fallout Shelter just go
the controls on the touchscreen of the central screen are available.

In addition to this game, Tesla Arcade has Asteroids, Centipede,
Missile Command, Beach Buggy Racing 2, Cuphead and Stardew

Among the new features of software version 2020.20, there is a revision
on Tesla Theater controls, the use of the steering wheel buttons to control playback
videos and improvements to TRAX, the music creation software on board.

See the video prepared by the YouTube channel JuliansRandomProject,
one of the first to receive this new software update.

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