Elevated temperatures place Madeira Islands under yellow warning

“Associated with the presence of hot and dry air originating in the African continent, hot and dry days are expected throughout the archipelago of Madeira until the end of next week”, says the Civil Protection.

In coastal regions, the maximum air temperature should vary between 25 and 30 degrees.

“However, associated with local thermodynamic phenomena, the maximum temperatures on the south coast of the island of Madeira, on the 24th (Sunday) and 25th (Monday) may reach values ​​in the order of 30 to 35 degrees”, warns the Regional Service of Civil Protection.

The relative humidity of the air will generally be low and very low (less than 40%) in mountainous regions.

On Sunday and Monday the wind will be temporarily moderate to strong (30 to 45 km / h), with gusts up to 80 km / h in the mountainous regions and at the eastern and western ends of Madeira.

The Regional Civil Protection Service recommends, therefore, the adaptation of behaviors and attitudes to the situation of danger of rural fire, namely avoiding the construction of bonfires for recreation or leisure, or for making food, as well as the burning of cut woods. and heaps and any kind of exploration leftovers.


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