DGArtes' first project support contests this year open today

According to Minister Graça Fonseca, speaking to Lusa, the global financial amount of 2.8 million euros for tenders from the Directorate-General for the Arts (DGArtes) to support projects in the fields of Creation and Editing, Programming and Development of Publics, and Internationalization “means an increase of 780 thousand euros in relation to 2019”.

“These are projects that include activities in face-to-face, virtual or a combination of the two. There is already an adaptation here, so to speak, to a reality that is new and that will remain, in some way, and is a novelty in view of the 2019 notice ”, stressed the Minister of Culture.

These three competitions cover all artistic areas, from contemporary circus and street arts, dance, music and theater, in the performing arts, to architecture, visual arts, design, photography and new media, in the visual arts, as well as disciplinary crossing.

For the competition to support projects in the field of Creation and Editing, with an allocation of 1.7 million euros, “four different levels of support were created: 10 thousand euros, 20 thousand, 30 thousand and 40 thousand”.

“For the first time, we will support the Editing area with these levels, which was an area that has long been claimed to be included in DGArtes' support contests”, stressed the minister.

Also in the competition to support Programming and Public Development projects, with the value of 700 thousand euros, four levels were established: 15 thousand euros, 25 thousand, 40 thousand and 50 thousand.

According to Graça Fonseca, the threshold of 50 thousand euros appears for the first time and the decision to “raise the threshold” was taken after the meetings that the minister had with various structures between December last year and January this year, after the competitions biannual support.

“One of the points mentioned (in the various meetings) was that of being able to increase the value of the last level”, he said.

The third call that opens today is related to the support of Internationalization projects and has an allocation of 400 thousand euros. According to Graça Fonseca, in this contest, “the support is between a minimum of one thousand euros and a maximum of 20 thousand”.

In this competition, according to DGArtes, “projects to welcome foreign promoters in a specific context and the integration and participation of agents in international networks will become eligible, thus seeking to foster other ways of relating to foreign decision-makers and narrowing cross-border peer relations ”.

The results of these three contests, according to the Minister of Culture, are expected to be announced in September.

Graça Fonseca recalled that the opening of the first DGArtes competitions this year “was scheduled for March”, a date that the state of emergency, decreed due to the covid-19 pandemic, ended up forcing to postpone.

“The first tenders that were planned were the simplified (procedure), we are choosing to open support for projects first, because it allows for higher funding,” said the minister, stressing that “this is support for projects thinking about the future. ”.

Candidates may be, according to DGArtes, “legal persons governed by private law with headquarters in Portugal, natural persons with a tax domicile in Portugal and informal groups, provided that they nominate as their representative a natural or legal person with domicile or fiscal headquarters in Portugal, who predominantly exercise professional activities here in one or more of the aforementioned artistic areas ”.

Applications for these tenders, for projects that “must be executed within the limit of one year, in the period between November 1, 2020 and December 31, 2021”, can be submitted until July 2.

According to the DGArtes Annual Declaration for 2020, released this month, the next competition to open will be, in June, the Internationalization and Creation for the choice of the representative project of Portugal in the 2021 Venice Art Biennial (which has since been postponed to 2022).

In September, as part of the project support program, the opening of the two simplified procedure calls is foreseen, in the field of Circulation, Training and Research (with a total amount of 400 thousand euros) and the complementary cooperation support within Europe Creative for the Internationalization area (worth 450 thousand euros to be awarded for three years).


The first DGArtes project support contests this year open today appears first in Visão.

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