Dad Flies Pride Flag To Support Daughter Coming Out

Talk about one proud dad!

During Monday’s episode of The Kelly Clarkson Show, host Kelly Clarkson virtually sat down with Alex, a dad from Everett, Wash. that went viral on TikTok after he eagerly bought a Pride flag to support his LGBTQ+ daughter Emma during Pride month. In the video, Alex can be seen ordering the flag on his phone and told his daughter that he wanted to hang it outside for all of their neighbors to see. Once it arrived, Emma posted another¬†video of Alex proudly displaying their new rainbow flag on their balcony.¬†

While meeting with the father-daughter duo, Kelly applauded Alex for his support and called him dad of the year.

“So many stories don’t end like this,” the “Since U Been Gone” singer said. “So many parents aren’t welcoming of something new that may be in their world they haven’t been around, or whatever. So, it’s really, really cool. Thank you so much for being such a rad dad.”¬†

Recalling how the viral moment came about, Emma chimed in, “My parents moved just recently and so there’s boxes that are still not unpacked and he was looking for a Pride flag that I used to have and he couldn’t find it.”

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