Covid-19: Traveling businessmen accuse police of clashes at demonstration in Lisbon

The Association of Certified Itinerant Professionals (APIC) said today that “there was no attempt to enter” the Ministry of Finance in Lisbon, accusing the police of the clashes and the Government for not supporting businessmen at parties, fairs and pilgrimages.

“There were no confrontations, there were policemen who did not like me to have them identified because they had no identification, and they tried to attack me”, said the president of the newly created APIC association, Luís Fernandes, rejecting that the protesters tried to enter the Ministry of Finance.

Speaking to the Lusa agency, the spokesman for the Public Security Police (PSP), Nuno Carocha, said that “several people tried to pierce the police cordon to enter the Ministry and were prevented”, adding that there is a record of “one detainee” .

During the protest at the Ministry of Finance, “there were pushes”, which still resulted in an injured person, with “a small cut on the head that resulted from the fall” on the floor, which was transported to the São José hospital, in Lisbon , said the PSP spokesman.

“There was no attempt to enter the Ministry, police forces could distort the truth, there was an attempt to go into the shade,” said the APIC president, explaining that he was “very hot” at the time of the demonstration, which counted on the presence of “80 to 100 entrepreneurs” at parties, fairs and pilgrimages.

Luís Fernandes said that he asked for the identification of the policemen who were accompanying the protest and, in response, tried to attack him: “they ran after me to beat me”.

“We will continue our civilized demonstrations, as they have always been. I say again: there were no confrontations, there were policemen who did not like me to have them identified, because they had no identification and tried to attack me ”, explained the APIC president, adding that the situation will be investigated by the Attorney General's Office, following the self presented.

After demonstrations on the 6th, 7th and 8th of May, businessmen from parties, fairs and pilgrimages decided to protest again to demand social support, because they are “distressed and without eating” and cannot pay taxes and Social Security contributions , criticizing the “bad distribution of money” announced by the Government to respond to the crisis caused by the covid-19 pandemic.

“It is unfortunate that we return to demonstrations, because they do not respond to requests and they let the 10-day period expire,” said Luís Fernandes.

In addition to the lack of response, the APIC association accused the Government of lying, namely the Minister of Culture who “lied to the Portuguese when she said there would be parties, fairs and pilgrimages”, because all these initiatives are canceled, “the mayors canceled all”.

“The Government is being negligent and the Government is to blame for this”, reinforced the representative of “about a hundred entrepreneurs” from parties, fairs and pilgrimages that are part of APIC, an associate created on May 5 of this year, within the scope of of the covid-19 pandemic.

Due to the lack of support for these entrepreneurs, “the Government will respond, criminally, with the competences it has, in the European Court”, said the President of APIC.

On the announcement of the launch of a 30 million euro financing line to be used by the municipalities in cultural programming, Luís Fernandes stated that “the certainty that not a cent is for the activity” of businessmen at parties, fairs and pilgrimages.

On May 6, representatives of the newly created APIC left “indignant” at a meeting with the Government, demanding support for business sustainability and the possibility of suspending the payment of some taxes.

Due to the covid-19 outbreak, itinerant businesses at cultural events, fairs, parties, pilgrimages and circuses, most of which were canceled, were compromised.


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