Covid-19: Thousands of protesters urge Berlin to end restrictions

The march began in the vicinity of the emblematic Brandenburg Gate and goes to the Victory Column, with a large meeting scheduled this afternoon with the aim of celebrating “the end of the pandemic”.

Among the protesters, which reach 7,000 people, according to regional public television RBB, there are small traders unhappy with the restrictions on public life and groups of people who see the limitations as an attack on the right to freedom of movement.

On the march are visible several banners that allude to an alleged “conspiracy” orchestrated by the pharmaceutical industry and the American billionaire Bill Gates, anti-vaccine slogans and extreme right-wing phrases demanding the “end of Angela Merkel”.

The common denominator of the various movements present at the demonstration is a call for resistance and the celebration of “Freedom Day”, a phrase that, according to some organizers, refers to the title of the film about the 1935 Nazi party congress, directed by Leni Riefelstahl, the filmmaker who prepared Adolf Hitler's propaganda.

The Berlin authorities have put a strong safety device on the streets, since, in addition to this mobilization, left marches have been called and “spontaneous” parties are also expected, which have taken place in the German capital for several weeks, often bringing together thousands of people. participants.

The manifestation for the end of restrictions linked to the covid-19 pandemic happens at a time when the Federal Government, of Chancellor Angela Merkel, and the regional states show great concern with the increase in the number of new infections in the country.

According to data from the Robert Koch Institute, 955 new infections were registered in the last 24 hours, which represents a substantial increase in relation to the average of 800/850 last week and even more in relation to the average of 300/350 recorded in mid-June. .

In total, 209,653 infections and 9,148 deaths were recorded.

As of today, Germany offers free tests for travelers returning from foreign countries, tests that will be mandatory from Monday for those traveling from risk areas, in order to avoid quarantines.


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