Covid-19: President of the Republic in favor of prolonging the lay-off

“If you really want to give yourself time and allow more breathing space to prevent those who are in 'lay-offs' from going, in significant numbers, to unemployment, if the Government is able to obtain means, and has the means available to prolong the' lay- off 'for some time, the longer the better, because these resumes are always very difficult, ”the head of state told reporters.

Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa visited the premises of the Banco Alimentar contra a Fome, in Lisbon, having made a contribution through the Internet.

“This idea that closes a part, however small, of the economy, and reopens in three months as if nothing had happened, that is fiction, that does not exist”, he warned.

Therefore, he insisted that, “if there is availability to extend the lay-off for more months, this is good, even if it is in a different model”.

“It is good because it allows this recovery, which will be difficult, to be made with more time ahead”, defended the President.

Asked if he is already aware of the Government's plan in this matter, Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa said that not because “it has not yet been approved”.


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