Covid-19: MEO Marés Vivas Festival in Gaia confirms Anitta and Liam Payne for 2021

These two international artists, who should be present in this edition of 2020, will take the stage on Saturday, July 17 of next year, said Jorge Lopes, of PEV Entertainment.

In addition to these first two names, Jorge Lopes said that the “most” of artists are eager to reconfirm their presence, although this still depends on their agendas.

“But, my desire is to have this year's pearls next year and add other pearls that we had not managed to achieve this year,” he said.

However, the official said that, with the cancellation of the festival, one of the “biggest concerns” of those who already had tickets was related to the presence of Anitta, one of the most international names in 'funk' and whose “Earthquake” was, in 2019, the most viewed music video on Youtube in Portugal.

This day, he added, he was “practically sold out”, so his confirmation is “good news”.

However, in addition to Anitta, the presence of English singer, composer and music producer Liam Payne is also “very desired”, said Jorge Lopes, considering that the day that receives these two artists will be “very high quality”.

Singing for Capitol Records UK in 2016, Liam released his first single “Strip That Down” with Cavo, a worldwide success that has topped the American charts and has since totaled over 10 million sales worldwide.

Marés Vivas, which takes place in Vila Nova de Gaia, in the district of Porto, will reimburse those who bought a ticket and who, for some reason, cannot or do not want to use it in 2021.

Jorge Lopes explained that this refund, which has to be made by the end of next year, will be made shortly after the festival, giving people the opportunity to, until then, decide whether or not they want to go.

Regarding the decision to cancel these events, following the current pandemic, the official understood that there was no other way, although the losses are “enormous”.

The Government's draft law that establishes a ban on the holding of “festivals and shows of a similar nature” until 30 September was approved today by a majority, in a final global vote, in parliament.

The shows covered by the decree-law approved today “should, whenever possible, be rescheduled”, since the rescheduling of the show does not give rise to a refund of the ticket price, nor can it imply an increase in the respective cost for those at the date of rescheduling were its bearer ”.

However, in the case of “festivals and shows of a similar nature”, the consumer can request the exchange of the ticket for a voucher “of equal value to the price paid”, valid until December 31, 2021, and which can be used in “ acquisition of admission tickets for the same show to be held on a new date or for other events held by the same promoter ”.

If the voucher is not used until December 31, 2021, “the holder is entitled to a refund of the amount”, and can request it from January 1, 2022, and “within 14 working days”.

The law also establishes that the rescheduling “cannot entail an increase in the cost of the ticket for those who, at the date of rescheduling, already had them”.

In the event that the canceled or rescheduled shows, promoted by public or private entities, are financed mainly by public funds, the promoter must “make the payments” stipulated in the contract.

The promoter must “ensure that, at the latest, on the date that the show was initially scheduled, a minimum amount equivalent to 50% of the contractual price is paid, without prejudice, in cases of rescheduling, of the new schedule of the show and the performance other payments to be made under the terms of the contract ”.

Portugal accounts for 1,277 deaths associated with covid-19 in 29,912 confirmed cases of infection, according to the latest daily bulletin from the Directorate-General for Health (DGS) on the pandemic, released today.


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