Covid-19: Gaming revenue in Macau falls 94.5% in July

The numbers also point out that in the first seven months of the year the losses of the casinos in relation to the previous year were 79.8%, a result that is justified by the impact of the pandemic of the new coronavirus, in a territory with strong restrictions on the borders to contain the Covid-19.

If, in July 2019, operators operating the game in the old territory managed by Portugal had collected 134.4 billion patacas (14.3 billion euros), now gross revenue stood at 24.4 billion patacas. patacas (2.6 billion euros).

According to the DICJ, however, July was not the worst month of the year. In the previous month, casinos had already registered a drop of 97% in revenues, raising only 716 million patacas (76.1 million euros), less about 23 billion patacas (2.45 billion euros) than in June 2019.

Macau casinos closed 2019 with revenues of 292.4 billion patacas (approximately 31.1 billion euros).

With China's tourist visas to Macau suspended, the number of visitors from the interior of China fell by 99.4% in May, in annual terms.

Casinos even closed about 15 days in February and the latest results from operators point to losses in the order of hundreds of millions of euros.


Covid-19: Gaming revenue in Macau falls 94.5% in July appears first in Vision.

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