Covid-19: Chega leader says Portugal cannot close again

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“If we close the country again, our economy will die, our unemployment will explode and we have to get up to say that we will not accept this and that we will fight against it, because Portugal is worth more than that,” he said. .

The leader of Chega was speaking, this Saturday night, in Angra do Heroísmo, at a rally dinner, accompanied by the party’s list leaders by the constituencies of the islands of Terceira and São Miguel to the regional legislative elections of the Azores, which take place on 25 October.

The President of the Republic admitted on Friday that “more restrictive” measures could be taken to prevent the spread of covid-19, in case there is “a brutal worsening” of the situation, and asked the Portuguese to respect whatever was decided.

“People have to think that if this starts at a gallop, if there is a brutal worsening of the situation, what we do not want, everything that has to be decided, is decided”, assured Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa.

For four days, Portugal has had more than 2,000 new daily cases of infection with the new coronavirus, which causes covid-19.

According to the latest bulletin from the Directorate-General for Health (DGS), the country accounts for at least 2,162 deaths associated with covid-19 in 98,055 confirmed cases of infection.

André Ventura also criticized the proposal of the State Budget, stressing that the support planned for commerce and restaurants and industry, affected by the crisis caused by the pandemic, “will not bring more than a few crumbs”.

“There will be no money for teachers, policemen, firefighters, civil servants and pensions, which they announced as a major update, will only be up to 648 euros, which is to say that the vast majority will remain from outside ”, he stressed.

In the case of the Azores, he also stressed that “there will be no more money”, even to “build a new prison, which should have been built a long time ago”.

“The same budget that has no money for the Azores, the same budget that has no money for policemen, nor for teachers, that has no money for doctors, nor to reinforce the budget of the National Health Service, creates with millions of public funds an observatory to combat racism in Portugal ”, he criticized.

André Ventura, the only deputy of the Chega to the Assembly of the Republic, who will also be a candidate for the Presidency of the Republic, also commented on the Eurosondage study that puts him in second place in the race to Belém, with 11% of the voting intentions, but said he was not move by polls.

“Today, if you saw the newspapers, they said that we went up a lot in the presidential elections and that we are in second place. I do not care. We are not here to be second ”, he stressed.

“Maybe if I saved people at sea I would be in first or if I took more selfies I would be in first, but I am not. I also don’t change my shorts in front of television cameras, nor do I isolate myself at home with the simple suspicion of having any illness and then I show up on the phone at night talking, ”he added.


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