Covid-19: CGTP warns of dangers of precarious employment links

“At this time when unemployment, the drop in workers' wages, the 'lay-off' is so intense and so strong, and the options that have been taken by the Government do not guarantee employment, wages, health and rights of workers, it is important that there is action and struggle ”, said Isabel Camarinha, who participated, in Sines, in the district of Setúbal, in a march for employment.

The action was called by the Union of Workers of the Manufacturing Industries, Energy and Environmental Activities of the South (SITE-Sul), attached to CGTP, against precariousness and to demand the reintegration of workers into jobs and an effective bond in companies in the Sines Industrial Complex.

“Workers with precarious ties were the first to be sent away by the companies that work in the Complex (Industrial de Sines) and that ensure a set of jobs, tasks that are permanent jobs”, he added.

For Isabel Camarinha, “there is the virus of the covid and there is the virus of the attack on workers' rights, of the exploitation that is increasing even more in this situation”.

According to the CGTP leader, “unemployment already affects almost 400 thousand workers”, and “in this period of the epidemic outbreak more than 100 thousand workers have already been enrolled” in employment centers, with “more than half of them having ties precarious ”.

“We have always demanded that all redundancies be prohibited, whether they are permanent workers or with precarious ties and that is how we guaranteed that we did not go to the bottom, that we did not get into this economic and social crisis in which we are already immersed and there would not be so many companies to close” , he stressed.

The march for employment brought together about 300 people, who walked the streets of the city of Sines, in a human cordon, fulfilling the social distance, which intended to denounce the dismissal of hundreds of workers, most of them service providers, in the Industrial Complex of Sines and demand their “readmission, the end of precariousness and the transition of workers to permanent staff in the various companies”.

SITE-Sul defends that “each permanent job must correspond to an effective job”, guaranteeing job stability and that “local workers should be given preference” upon admission.

The allocation of unemployment benefit to all workers without any exception and the update of the hourly rate paid to each worker to 21 euros are other demands of the union, which speaks of the dismissal of hundreds of workers in the complex.

In Portugal, 1,277 people out of 29,912 confirmed as infected with covid-19 died, and there are 6,452 recovered cases, according to the Directorate-General for Health.


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