Covid-19: Algarve with advance reservations for beach awnings for uncertain summer

The uncertainty generated by the covid-19 pandemic is leading vacationers to make advance reservations for beach awnings in the Algarve and to seek out dealers, who assume they do not have much information about the opening of the bathing season.

“There have always been reservations, but it is noted that there is a concern of the Portuguese in reserving the awning in advance, for fear of running out of space in the summer, something that is also happening with my colleagues,” the owner of a concession on the beach told Lusa da Rocha Baixinha Nascente, in the municipality of Albufeira.

Two weeks before the opening of the bathing season, scheduled for June 6, Rui Cardoso said he was being contacted by “concerned customers”, wanting to know “how the rules are going to be applied and if there are changes in the disposition of hats”.

Among the rules enacted by the Government for the beaches are the obligation to maintain a distance of at least one and a half meters between groups, as well as a minimum distance of three meters between awnings and umbrellas, which can only be occupied by five people.

Rui Cardoso said that “many details are still missing in the information received” and that the concessionaires “have not yet been clarified by the authorities”, but he believes that in the coming days “there may be news”, in time for the opening of the bathing season.

The doubt is also evident in the uncertainty of a business that “only between July 15 and the end of August does it live on Portuguese tourists”, since the rest of the season “is dependent” on foreigners: “With hotels closed and without flights there will be no customers, ”he predicted.

The mandatory existence of “three lifeguards every 100 meters” is another problem pointed out by the entrepreneur, who asks whether “the costs will increase with an extension of the concession”, highlighting the fact that “there are not enough lifeguards”.

The director of the Vilamoura Marina, responsible for seven beach concessions, revealed to Lusa that, for some time, “there was a certain apprehension”, generated by the covid-19 pandemic, but later it was decided to accept the clients' reservations, although “ conditional on the country's possible situation ”in the summer.

“Fortunately it is something that, apparently, will not happen and we will be able to work with all the rules and care to ensure the safety of those who come and those who are here”, stressed Isolete Correia.

Affirming that the Portuguese “are willing to go on vacation”, he believes that Portugal “will be one of the Europeans' preferred vacation destinations”, since “the country behaved well”, having been elected as one of the best post-covid destinations. 19.

However, the arrival of foreigners “is dependent on the opening of borders”, warned the director of the oldest Portuguese marina, located in the municipality of Loulé and managed by the company Vilamoura World.

The vice-president of the Association of Industrials and Similar Concessionaires of the Beaches of Orla Marítima do Algarve (AISCOMA) revealed to Lusa that meetings are being prepared in each municipality in the region, “to finalize details”, with an “active participation of the concessionaires ”.

Artur Simão defended that the concessionaires “will do everything so that people reach the beach safely” but warned that “the effort of everyone”, namely, the municipalities, is necessary, because “the expenses of the concessionaires cannot increase”.

Assuming the unknowns brought about by the pandemic, he stressed that it is necessary to clarify “whose responsibility the flags are”, or who acts, in case the Maritime Authority “considers that there are too many people on the beach”.


Covid-19: Algarve content with advance reservations for beach awnings for an uncertain summer appears first in Visão.

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