“Coronavirus IX – The Perfect State”

How such a small living agent has such a huge impact on man and humanity! Given the possibility of being transported in an airplane, you can go around the Earth in 24 hours and install yourself anywhere in the globe (and we have already set aside your transmission when being transported by the wind) …
May this lead to rethinking the past, thinking about the present, to open or unveil the paths of the future.
I tell a story. I would be seven or eight years old there. With my parents, to get to Angola, the trip between Lisbon and Luanda took us 28 days. After the seventh year, in order to travel back to Portugal, to enter university, I use a similar type of boat, which takes the same time. On the third year of college vacation, I went to Angola to see the family, in a renewed fleet. It only took eight days. Not long after, by plane, it only took a few hours.
This leads us to admit that, from this moment on, the priorities to be established are, first of all, life, followed by knowledge and only later, capital.
All states are corrupt. Access to public office is no longer by competition, but by party nomination. It is time for the constitutions of all countries (extended to the UN) to be changed so that, in the event of a physical, chemical or biological calamity (such as the case of the present pandemic), triggered by man or by nature, knowledge do not go back more than a thousand years.
In this, agriculture will become one of the top priorities, followed by pollution and biodiversity.
The pentalogy of the world's calamities is pollution, hunger, the plague / pandemic, war and the unpreparedness of politicians. The unpreparedness of these and their lackeys is due to the tragedy of disgrace: State Capitalism that only imposes duties and gives no rights, Capitalism of Capitalists, which only imposes rights (strikes), and the associated Chinese capitalism (according to the conveniences) .
Mr. Director of CHUC, I agree with the measures mentioned in the Our Last Game, but it was late. It should be the first point in the country to carry out tests and other determinations because it has the incineration of polluting products in Souselas. It is seen that it is in the comprehensive area where there are more infected, Coimbra (572) and Condeixa-a-Nova (154). But, on the other hand, look at the decay that is occurring in the hospital, which in my time was the center of Portuguese medicine. Listen to Professor Manuel Antunes, because Cardiology still maintains the prestige it had.
Mr. CHUC Director, while it's time, listen to who knows. The place is to serve, it is not to serve us.
Together with the Director of the Faculty, I join. Listen to us.
End the community law on investigation and help those who have the capacity to investigate.
Note that, as for the investigation of lymphatic filariasis in which he promised to be interested, nothing was done. They did nothing. Nothing can be done. And so little is known …
I leave a question for doctors and citizens: what is milk from the first days after giving birth? I will give the answer in the next article. All this, in the next article, to say what he would do to minimize the calamity caused by the virus.
Now, a popular court to finish, heard on television by a 86 year old girl:
“One Government leaves, another enters,
Just to make trouble.
The more governments that come out,
Less is our bread ”.

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