“But there is one thing that I know …”

If the end of confinement will increase the number of deaths from COVID-19, do not know. But one thing has already been demonstrated scientifically. With the end of the confinement, the number of deaths from road accidents will not only go up again, not choosing ages, decimating entire families and mainly affecting people in the life force, such as pollution will again reach levels that endanger Life itself in the Earth.
In other words, one of the measures that should be implemented with the lack of definition, was the prohibition of car traffic: on the one hand, to prevent speeding, drowsiness, alcoholism, imprudence, lack of skill in driving to continue take lives and put the lives of all of us at risk every day; and, on the other hand, to prevent pollution, which causes many more deaths than any disease, which is the cause of the spread of many diseases and destroys our body's defenses, even putting Life on Earth at risk.
In order to save Life on Earth and prevent the death of children and young people due to their age, the Government must immediately end motor vehicles, tarmac and highways, and compel the Portuguese to ride a donkey again.
In addition, without public transport, even the spread of COVID-19 is easier to contain. And with so many donkeys out there, they were always given some occupation and avoided having to spend so many hours writing on social media.

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