BE wants Novo Banco's sale contract to Lone Star to be public

In statements to the Lusa agency, BE deputy Mariana Mortágua explained the reasons that led the party to deliver today, in the Assembly of the Republic, a request for this contract to be sent, “as a matter of urgency”, to the Budget and Finance Commission .

“Out of respect also for the transparency of the process, we think that if the Government evokes the contract so often to justify its decisions, then this contract must be known to all, from the Assembly of the Republic, to begin with, so that it can scrutinize and decide government officials can also be scrutinized on an informed basis ”, he defended.

In the perspective of Mariana Mortágua, “in the name of decency and rigor” the contract for the sale of Novo Banco to the Lone Star fund “must be public”.

“The Novo Banco sales contract is not known and we are listening to the Government's arguments without these arguments being able to be verified because they are based on a document that is confidential,” he explained.

The BE deputy recalled that “the prime minister, António Costa, ended up committing himself that he would only inject money into Novo Banco after the results of the audit were known”.

“Despite this pledge made in the plenary, the transfer ended up being made without any audit and the prime minister ended up changing his position based on an argument – which we believe is not very valid – saying that the transfer had a date to be carried out and that it was mandatory to be done on that date and that it was a mandatory transfer under the sales contract ”, he said.

In the biweekly debate of May 7, it was precisely a response by the Prime Minister to the BE coordinator, Catarina Martins, about the Novo Banco that would trigger the controversy that marked the last two weeks.

“About Novo Banco, the answer I have to give you is not very new compared to the last time you asked me the question, that is, the audit is ongoing and until there are results of the audit there will be no reinforcement of the State loan to the Fund Resolution for that purpose ”, replied António Costa, two weeks ago.

Hours later, Expresso 'online' revealed that the transfer of 850 million euros had already been made that week, which led the prime minister to explain that he had not been informed by the Ministry of Finance, led by Mário Centeno, and the apologize to the Left Block for the wrong information transmitted during the biweekly debate.

The controversy would continue the following week and culminate in a meeting lasting several hours, on Wednesday night in São Bento, between Mário Centeno and António Costa. In the end, the Prime Minister publicly reaffirmed his personal and political trust in the Minister of State and Finance.

The statement said that “issues regarding the lack of timely information to the Prime Minister about the completion of the State loan to the Resolution Fund, which was already provided for in the State Budget for 2020, which the Government proposed and the Assembly of Republic approved ”.

Since then, both the Minister of Finance and the Prime Minister have tried to dismiss the matter, with Mário Centeno saying that the crisis “has been overcome” or, according to António Costa, that “there is no crisis”.

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