Bayley Indulges in Funny Exchange With CM Punk on Twitter

There are a lot of unlikely friendships that exist in WWE. We bet you wouldn’t know that SmackDown Women’s Champion Bayley shares one of those with CM Punk.

In a recent post on Twitter, CM Punk had a joking exchange with the “Golden Role Model”, who replied to his original tweet as you can see below.

Bayley meant that she would like to go out with CM Punk’s wife AJ Lee, a former WWE Divas Champion. Punk later joked that she could join him any time. The Champion is yet to accept the invitation. Fans are also surprised by the rapport the two have formed, especially during the lockdown.

Bayley has had Twitter confrontations with CM Punk before, and all of them have been an absolute comic relief from the serious storylines on SmackDown. 

As the biggest heel of the WWE Women’s division, Bayley finds herself staring at a mirror when it comes to CM Punk. The two exude the same attitude and personality and believe they are the best in the business.

Bayley intends to show Sasha Banks who the real ‘Boss’ is

Bayley is locked in a bitter feud with Sasha Banks, her former “best friend”. After their glorious tag team partnership imploded, the two have been at each other’s necks with knives.

The Champion is determined to prove that she is and always was an independent great. She wants to show Sasha that she never need her help and won it all by herself.

Banks is on a mission to end Bayley at Hell in a Cell, but has a very poor record of two losses in both matches competed in the cage. Bayley may have the upper hand over Banks if we take past encounters into consideration.

CM Punk, on the other hand, may just be a huge fan of Bayley. The SmackDown Women’s Champion has same traits as Punk when it comes to heel persona. Even though she may not quite be at his level yet, she is surely getting there.

If Punk ever does decide to return to WWE, we would love to see a promo with him and Bayley trashing each other on the mic.

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