Back to school – a new reality in this new school year

Over the last few years, the return to school has been at the epicenter of the debate on Education. Distance learning was a good alternative at the peak of Pandemic, but the return of children and young people to face-to-face education is necessary and fundamental.
Contact with all Educational Agents (Teachers, Assistants), contributes to better learning, greater integration (through contact with peers) and balanced psychological and emotional health.
In this context, the role of parents is fundamental, with the educational backing of the School, a contribution that does not increase the levels of anxiety of the youngest, leading them to assume responsible behaviors that protect them and protect others.
We must be afraid and not afraid!
We cannot let our guard down in compliance with the guidelines of the DGS and the Ministry of Education for the healthy functioning of our Schools.
Is it different from last school year?
No doubt!
But our Society and the World also had to change and adapt to the new reality.
In Coimbra, our Schools, in collaboration with all partners and with the City Council, made a remarkable effort, so that this return to school, is done safely:
– Schedules have been adapted
– Spaces have been adapted (within their limitations)
– Articulated with operators so that public transport adapts timetables to the new school schedules
– Spaces and new practices for school meals were articulated
– Many articulation meetings have been held so that everything is operational.
Public Education is already used to adapting and providing appropriate and necessary responses, so that we all have an academic year 2020/2021, which allows the return to classroom teaching, with all the advantages that this brings for our students (the teacher interacts, stimulates, gives security and does not let anyone give up or disperse in the middle of a task).
This academic year starts under the sign of Decentralization, a transfer of skills that for the first time in the history of Democracy, is clear and defines a guiding line: The pedagogical issues and the teachers are on the side of the School and the structural and organizational issues of the side of the Autarchies.
I am one of those who believe that the future of Education, is in the intense cooperation between all Educational Agents, in which each one shares what they have, so that our students have a lot.
It is in this context of sharing that today the delegation of various competences to the School Directors will be under analysis (a process analyzed, discussed and shared by everyone – this is how decentralization is practiced). No dramas and no Greek tragedy odyssey.
This executive knows well what he wants for Education and practices it.
That is why at the start of the 2020/2021 school year:
a) We worked and cooperated with all School Boards to create safe conditions;
b) We invested 9 million euros in School Social Action;
c) We invest in the mobility of our students, with a free school pass from Pre-School to Secondary School;
d) We have decentralized competences in the School Directors, so that they exercise them in proximity.
Good Academic Year 2020/2021
In person
Our students need it!

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