Altice joins Huawei in project to develop 5G

The information was released by the Macau Forum on Thursday on its website, citing a statement from Huawei dated Tuesday, in which the technological director of Altice Portugal underlines the importance of the project.

“Extending broadband Internet coverage can stimulate the creation of new services that benefit citizens, companies and countries,” said Luís Alveirinho, cited in the note.

The Fifth Generation Fixed Telecommunications initiative by Huawei launched on Tuesday has the participation, in addition to the Portuguese telecommunications company, of the European Telecommunications Standards Institute and the Chinese Alliance for Broadband Development.

Huawei “argued that broad collaboration within the global fixed telecommunications industry is necessary to promote the development of the digital economy and the Internet of Things”, as indicated in the information released by Forum Macau and in which the fact of the institute was stressed European group launched in February “a group for the creation of standards for 5G in fixed networks, with the objective of promoting fiber optic connections, broadband Internet and a more stable service”.

The European Telecommunications Standards Institute is a European standardization organization, whose mission is to produce European standards in telecommunications.

The Chinese Huawei is, together with the Swedish Ericsson and the Finnish Nokia, leader in fifth generation networks (5G), destined to connect autonomous cars, automated factories, medical equipment and power plants.

The United States has pressured several countries, including Portugal, to exclude Huawei from building infrastructure for 5G networks.

Australia, New Zealand and Japan have already joined Washington's calls and restricted Huawei's participation. In contrast, the brand, which claims to belong to 104,572 of a total of 194,000 employees, all of whom are Chinese citizens, denies being under the control of the Chinese Communist Party, or cooperating with Chinese intelligence services.


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