All You Need to Know About French Open 2020 Retractable Roof

The French Open 2020 is about to begin in a week’s time. The iconic Philippe-Chatrier court finally has a retractable roof installed and the floodlights are operational too. Therefore, night matches will be possible for the first time at the clay-court Grand Slam. A retractable roof is essential to prevent weather conditions from affecting play and to avoid any disruptions in the schedule.

After the last match at the 2019 Roland Garros, it took eight months to install the final truss of the retractable roof, and the work concluded on February 5, 2020. The decision to close the roof will rest with the tournament referee. Moreover, it will be an option only when it is raining.

The time required to close French Open 2020 roof

The retractable roof on Philip Chatrier takes around fifteen minutes to close and covers a surface area of 1 hectare. It consists of 11 trusses, each weighing 330 metric tons. Each truss is divided into 7 sections measuring 15m long and 3m high.

Recently, Roland Garros uploaded an Instagram post, providing the teaser of the mesmerizing roof.

Cost of the roof

The estimated cost of the retractable roof is around $55 million and gives the stadium a modern-looking design. However, the outstanding cost of renovating the Philip Chatrier stadium was reported being $170 million.

Design of the French Open 2020 Roof

The French Open roof has been designed by ACD Girardet and Associates, along with Daniel Vaniche and Associates. The roof is inspired by the biplane of French aviator Roland Garros, and various elements were designed to mirror the wings of the plane in terms of shape and structure.

The roof allows the crossing of natural light and enhances acoustic performance during matches. The main stadium can house 15,000 spectators and has undergone a remarkable transformation.

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