Alfa / Accidente: Alfarelos and Pombal rail traffic cut without perspective of opening

Rail traffic between the Alfarelos and Pombal stations on the North Line has been suspended since 15:30, with no prospect of reopening, due to the derailment of the Alfa Pendular that occurred today, said a source at CP – Comboios de Portugal.

Speaking to Lusa, the same source said that the company will guarantee “road transfer” to passengers of trains in circulation.

The derailment of the Alfa Pendular train, in the municipality of Soure, in the district of Coimbra, left two dead today, seven seriously injured and 30 slightly injured, according to the district Civil Protection.

The district commander of Civil Protection, Carlos Tavares, said that all the wounded had already been removed from the composition and transported to Coimbra Hospital.

The convoy was going in a south-north direction and the derailment occurred after the collision between the Alfa Pendular and a working machine, the alert was given at 15:30, according to the National Authority for Emergency and Civil Protection (ANEPC).

The Office for the Prevention and Investigation of Aircraft Accidents and Railway Accidents (GPIAAF) has announced, however, that it will investigate the causes of the accident.

A GPIAAF source told the Lusa news agency that the investigation team is already on its way to the scene to begin investigations and investigate the circumstances in which the accident occurred.


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